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Catch 22 Escape Rooms




Will you and your group have what it takes to solve a Catch-22 situation? In 60 minutes you must prove your wits by solving puzzles, finding hidden clues and keys, and opening locks in hopes to conquer whatever task is at hand. You only have so long to escape. Keep your cool, think outside the box, and put your wits to the test in our challenging, immersive escape rooms.


Great time and CHALLENGING!

The staff, from initial contact to night's end, was extremely helpful and customer oriented! The Janitor's room was EXTREMELY challenging and is recommended for those who really like to think, solve mental puzzles, and "crack the case". This was scheduled as a 21st birthday party and the group really enjoyed the outing... A fantastic experience and highly recommended!

– Valori S., TripAdvisor
So much fun!

This was my boyfriend and I's second experience with escape rooms. They are always so much fun and great for a group activity! We did the Janitor room and almost made it out! It was challenging, but we enjoyed ourselves. The staff was great and we will definitely be returning.

– Alexis B., TripAdvisor
Played two rooms and loved them both!

Great place for something new. We tried two of their rooms and found them challenging and fun at the same time. We escaped one and were defeated by the other. Can't wait to head back up and try the third room.

– Paul V., TripAdvisor
Fun Challenge!

This was our family's first escape room experience and we will definitely be back for more! We went during Christmas break which is a very busy time for them and when we signed up online there was already another group of four booked. It turned out that we were all new to this so it actually worked out pretty well. We were told that the majority of the year we would have had the room to ourselves... Thanks for the great time!

– Ann M., TripAdvisor
Awesome Experience

Did Nana's Room with 3 friends and turned out great! Was most of us' first time and we managed to beat it with 33 seconds to spare. They say you only get 3 hints but they were generous and helped out just a little more and made it a lot more fun. Great employees who made it immersive. Hard to think you'd have so much fun stuck in a small room with 4 people but it was an awesome experience. Can't wait to go again soon. Good work guys, keep it up!

– Alexander O., Facebook
Had a blast!

Did Nana’s Study in a group of 4, and had a blast! (I believe they will sell up to 6 tickets for that room but it would be mighty tight, 4 people was perfect.) We used all 3 clues, solved the room with just under 2 minutes left. The host explained all the rules and expectations clearly before the game started, gave us helpful clues when asked. We’ve already purchased tickets to return and try another room soon!

– Kathryn W., Facebook
Ton of fun

Our room was "the janitor" and it was very challenging. We had a ton of fun working through the clues. I felt the clues were helpful but it giveaways so you can keep working on the puzzle without just getting the solution. Will definitely be coming back!

– Lindsey M., Facebook
Amazing experience

This was such an amazing experience. First, let me commend the staff for going above and beyond for my husband's birthday. They worked so hard to open early just to accommodate his day. They not only pulled off an amazing experience, but with complete professionalism. Thank you thank you!!! 10 out of 10!!! Wonderful husband and wife team. Please be sure to support them. You will not be disappointed!

– Rebecca C., Facebook

This is MUST do for everyone who likes a mental challenge. We did it as a group holiday party and team building. It was much harder than I thought it would be but that made it even better. Very very clever ideas. I highly recommend it. We can't wait to do it again!

– Mary B., Facebook

I came here to do Nana's Study with my sister. It was my first escape room so I thought it was awesome! I loved it so much that I actually applied to work here. I now love my job & recommend everybody to come & have fun!

– Tara W., Facebook