The year is 1792, and you are the apprentice to Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein – chemist and scientist.

He has been working vigorously on a secret project; so vigorously that one could say he’s gone a bit mad.

Thankfully, today the experiment will be finished.
However, upon cleaning the castle, his housekeeper stumbled upon his secret experiment, and is currently running to the villagers to tell the tale of the monstrosity she has uncovered.

In an effort to stop her and the angry mob of villagers from storming the castle, Dr. Frankenstein must plead his case. That means he needs you to finish the project for him. He has left you clues and special instructions on what needs to be done.
You have an hour before the lightning storm needed to bring his creation to life passes. Hurry, the angry mob of villagers is on their way to stop you from completing the experiment.

Good luck!

*We recommend ages 13 and older for this room.



Our best room yet! State of the art props!
Our most realistic scenes to date!