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Difficulty: Very Hard

Quick Details

Per Person
Private Rooms


You are a prisoner at C22 State Penitentiary and have been for the past ten years of a 75-year sentence. You will most likely die here. But that is not in your plans.

You have been working on an elaborate escape plan for the past few years to get out of here – and quickly. You have enlisted a group of guards and inmates by bribing them with cash that was not found upon your arrest.

According to the plan, you will first be locked up in solitary confinement. In there, there will be a bunch of clues to help you with your escape. Why solitary confinement? Because, according to prison blueprints, it is the quickest way to escape from prison!

The second part of the plan…the guards and inmates will stage the largest riot the prison has ever seen so that the guards not involved in the plan will be preoccupied and no one will have any idea on what you’re planning on doing. You have only a little over an hour to get this done. Good luck…time is of the essence!

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Please note that the lighting will be dim and the space may seem confining to some. Participant(s) will be briefly handcuffed. Recommended for ages 14 and up.​